Creating Timelines in PowerPoint

There is nothing worse than having some very good ideas, but not having a way to get them on your presentation. If you are presenting at work, then you are going to want to ensure that you have checked out every aspect of this presentation. You will want to ensure there are no flaws in what you are about to do. You have to ensure that you have all the bases covered, and there are no doubts or uncertainties about what you are presenting. But how can you make this happen, and still ensure that you have a very good and unique presentation?

We have some ideas that we think can help you in a big way. What you have to understand is that when you are presenting at work, you are not doing something that is a creative exercise. Yes, you may have a project that is creative, but even then you should have a very structured presentation. People at work, whether they are outside clients or your bosses, are going to want structure. There are certain things they will expect from your presentation, and it is vital that you give those to them if you want it to succeed.

One of the tools that we love for presentations is the Office Timeline creator that you can easily download. You may be thinking how this is going to help you out, and we can explain. If you are presenting at work about the company’s future projections, or you have some project that you want to get off the ground, a timeline makes sense. You are going to want to give them a visual indication of how things are progressing, or how you expect them to progress. This means showing different events across many dates.

It does not matter whether you are showing them what is going to transpire in a given week, month or year. It is just about showing the progression. And while you could just write down dates and the information next to each date, this is not going to look very good. Yes, you have all the information there and it is easy to see. But it is not making a visual impression on anyone who is looking at it. In contrast, you get a much better reaction if people have the chance to see a timeline that looks so good and is very informative too. That will help your presentation immensely.

Another big step that you have to take with each presentation is to make sure that you are expanding on each point that you are making. Whether we are referring to the timeline that you have created, or your other sides on PowerPoint, you have to ensure that you are explaining everything in much detail. If you are just reading off the slides and not offering more, you are not doing a good job. The slides that you have created are just a visual guideline for the audience. The bulk of what you are saying is going to be stated by you.